List of websites on this network:

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Main Site: Health Texas Provider Network
HealthTexas.com Website

  1. Advanced Heart Failure
  2. Advanced Lung Disease Specialists
  3. Bariactrics DFW   (In 2nd review)
  4. Baylor Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  5. Baylor Community Clinic at Carrollton 
  6. Baylor Family Medicine At Aubrey
  7. Baylor Family Medicine at the Colony
  8. Baylor Family Medicine – Carrollton
  9. Baylor Preferred Health
  10. Cardiac Surgery Specialists
  11. Cardiovascular Consultants
  12. Center For Thoracic Surgery 
  13. Colon Rectal Surgical Consultants of North Texas
  14. Cottonwood Cardiology
  15. Dallas Diagnostic Association
  16. DDA Plano
  17. DDA Garland
  18. DDA Park Cities
  19. Diabetes Toolkit
  20. Digestive Diseases Group
  21. Ellis County Orthopedic
  22. Endocrinology Specialists of North Texas
  23. Garland Lung – Pulmonary Associates 
  24. Gynecology Specialists of Garland
  25. Hospitalists
  26. Legacy Heart
  27. Liver Consultants
  28. Neurometabolic Consultants (pending page edits)
  29. Neurovascular Associates of Texas
  30. Ortho Trauma Associates of McKinney
  31. Physiatric Medicine Associates
  32. Signature Medicine Docs
  33. Surgery Specialists Dallas
  34. The Heart Group 


Miscellaneous Sites

  1. HTPN Photo Gallery
  2. Transplant App (Not a part of these sites)

Star Rating Pilot Sites

There are 7 websites in pilot stage.  The sites listed below are hosted on HTPN Staging Site 1 and HTPN Staging 2, listed accordingly.  The sites are being monitored for any modifications or revisions that may be required to properly display the data on the new provider profile page templates, ie, how content displays, specialty listings, etc.

New implementations:

  • scripts show message when there are no ratings from provider
  • Clinic Level Ratings on Home Page
  • Multiple Clinic Dynamically Display Clinic Names
  • Link on Homepage to Individual Provider Ratings
  • Button on Provider Profile page links to more surveys
  • Created local development server
  • Sample display of listed items above
  • Rich Snippets verified for search (data has been tested and validated, now waiting for it to show on Google search)

Next implementations:

  • Change width and height dimensions on provider profile pics
  • Enhance mobile views
  • Enhance SEO for physician profiles
  • Provider Template to list by Clinic
  • Provider Template to list by Specialty
  • Unify CSS & Javascript
  1. DDA Park Cities server 1
  2. Gynecology Specialists of Garland server 1
  3. Baylor Preferred Health server 1
  4. Signature Medicine server 1
  5. Dermatology Specialists of McKinney server 2
  6. Baylor Family Medical Center at Fort Worth server 2
  7. Baylor Family Medicine at Mesquite server 2